Frequently Asked Questions


What is NeuroMuscular Therapy?

NMT is a highly effective treatment for the elimination of pain caused by soft tissue (muscular) strain, overuse, and trauma, regardless of when the injury occurred. The hands-on protocols are precise and thorough, and are taught in a step-by-step seminar format as well as a school curriculum program. Participants will learn about the many physiological factors that create or intensify pain in the body, with specific focus on the consequences of

* Ischemia (tight muscles) * Nerve Entrapment/Compression * Nutritional Components

* Trigger Points * Gait and Postural Implications * Emotional Wellbeing (Stress)

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Do I have to be a massage therapist to take the NMT classes?

You do not have to be a massage therapist to take NMT seminars, however, prior study of anatomy is strongly suggested to fully understand the techniques. Nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, dentists, physicians and others with a “license to touch” will all benefit from the material taught in these courses. Occasionally people who are not in health care take these courses to benefit their families. Almost all states in the US require licensing in order to charge for massage therapy; these seminars do not fulfill the requirements for an initial license in any state.

If you are planning to do massage professionally we strongly urge you to consult with a massage school regarding training and license requirements in your area.

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Do I have to take the seminars in any special order?

The seminars may be taken in any order. Each seminar covers a different body part as determined by Worker's Compensation codes of body regions. Each is a stand-alone class and together they form a complete training. They may be taken at any location, in any order, and at any pace.

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How much do the seminars cost?

Each 20 CE contact hour NMT training class is $495 if registered four weeks before the start of the course. A $50 late registration fee is charged if registering less than four weeks ahead. A person is considered registered when a minimum of a $100 non-refundable deposit has been received. On occasion, there may be a location that requires payment in full to register. If the participant has taken the seminar event previously with NMT Center, has completed NMT Center school program, or has taken a comparable training seminar in NMT St. John Method, a reviewer's rate of $295 is offered at each event (the late registration fee still applies).

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How much deposit do I need to register?

In most locations, a $100 non-refundable deposit secures a seat in the event. This deposit is forfeited if the participant fails to come to the class without notifying NMT Center or the Event Sponsor prior to the start of the event. The balance is due before the event begins unless notified otherwise by the sponsor or NMTC. Some Event Sponsors require payment in full 1-3 weeks prior to course start and some need full payment at initial registration. Please see our cancellation policies on this website.

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Can I miss a portion of Day 1?

If you are seeking a completion certificate for the full 20 CE contact hours of the course, then the full course must be attended. If hours are missed, the certificate will be altered to reflect the number actually attended, which may render them invalid for license renewal in some states. There are exceptions; some practitioners, such as athletic trainers, can acquire partial credit. It is important that you verify if your state will allow partial credit for partial attendance for your profession.

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What will I miss on Day 1?

If you do not need the CE contact hours and must miss part of Day 1, please consider the following. Day 1 lecture content covers the foundational platform of NMT and is vital in order to understand what constitutes NMT, strategies associated with NMT protocols, trigger point formation theories, and various treatment options. It may also cover anatomy, pathologies and common surgeries of the region. The material presented on Day 1 will not be covered again during the course. If you have previously attended a foundational platform lecture, then missing that portion of the day will not affect the rest of your experience. However, if you are not clear regarding the foundations and common pathologies for the region, then you may be confused about applications taught on Days 2 and 3. If this is your first class and you must miss the first day, please call NMT Center in advance of the course to discuss options to prepare in advance for the presentations you will miss. There is no discount for hours that you do not attend. Practitioners who are seeking certification can miss no more than two foundational lectures prior to taking the exam.

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Why list in NMT Center’s online practitioner directory?

Many people consult our directory to find a therapist near them or near their vacation destination. Additionally, many people, including practitioners, consult our directory for therapists who can treat their patients, friends and family who do not live near them. When someone calls our office for a referral, we usually head to the directory first to locate a practitioner for referral. We need a diverse list of skillful practitioners in the directory to address the broad range of conditions that are reported to us.  We do not require that you be certified in NMT, however, certification status and other credentials will be indicated on your listing, along with your contact details.

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Is a test given at each event?

A test is not given at each event, although your work will be checked during the hands-on trade. Those people who seek certification must complete a written and practical exam, which is usually scheduled separate from the seminar to allow adequate time to study the material and practice the hands-on components.

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