Qualifications to take the exam:

Certification in NMT is an optional step that many practitioners take to assure excellence in application of the techniques as well as comprehensive understanding of the science that supports the work. Many medical facilities that hire NMT practitioners require certification prior to employment; certification may also affect pay rate in some venues. To obtain the credentials of a Certified NMT (CNMT) whose competency has been reviewed, first complete the four classic NMT training courses with full attendance each day. After the training is completed, contact NMT Center for the name of qualified staff near you who can schedule a certification exam, which can only be administered by an approved examiner.

Application & Exam Fee:

The exam application is sent to the examiner prior to the testing date, along with copies of the attendance (CE) certificates for each of the four NMT seminars and the non-refundable exam fee of $90 (checks or money orders). Copies of any lost attendance (CEU) certificates can be obtained from the NMT Center prior to applying for the exam ($10 fee per replacement certificate). The exam fee is non-refundable and is paid directly to the examiner, who then reports the results to NMT Center. Payment of the exam fee alone does not guarantee certification. (Fees subject to change)

Dates and Location:

There is no deadline, time limit or expiration date between the time you complete the seminars and the time you actually sit for the exam. You are, however, responsible to know any information added to the seminar curriculum in the interim. Therefore, it is suggested that you test in a timely manner after completion of your training. In some cases, the exam may be conducted at a seminar weekend if an instructor or qualified examiner is available and has sufficient time outside of class hours to meet with you. In any case, you must register and must have confirmation from the examiner prior to the exam date. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the examiner early enough to register prior to the preferred date. Call NMT Center (727-821-7167) or email for contact details of qualified staff.

Exam Features:

The NMT exam consists of both written and practical sections presented in a "closed book" format and must be completed without reference to study materials. Your practical exam will be considered complete when you have successfully displayed satisfactory skills on five muscles randomly selected by you. The total length of time for the exam (written and practical) will vary. We recommend allowing 2-3 hours unless advised otherwise by the examiner, although less than two hours is usually used.

The written portion of the exam contains 100 multiple-choice questions, which are based on information found in the NMT manuals and knowledge of related anatomical structures. Answers to all written test questions can be found in the manual pages so we highly recommend that you study each page of all manuals, including Applications of NMT and the foundational platform. You will be given a maximum of two (2) hours to complete the written exam, although it is usually completed in less than one hour. Passing score of the written exam is 70% and above.

The practical portion of the exam consists of NMT techniques demonstrated on five muscles (randomly selected by you) from five regions of the body. During this demonstration you will be expected to know endangerment sites, patient position on the table, appropriate draping techniques, safe and appropriate body mechanics, specific anatomical location/attachment of tissues treated, and application of NMT techniques for the chosen structures and musculature. To pass this section you must receive a score of 80% or above. You may be partnered with another certification candidate during the practical portion of the exam or you may be asked to bring someone to be the “client”. The person on the table (in the client role) may not assist the examinee in any way, including verbally prompting, body movement or positioning. If you are testing with another candidate, both will need to wear clothing that is easily removed for the examination trade. A bathing suit may be worn for your convenience.

Exam Results:

You will know the results of your practical exam as soon as that section is completed and you can ask the examiner to review reasons for any deducted points. In most cases, you will also know the results of the written exam the same day you take the test unless the testing group is large or you choose to leave before the test is graded. If you do not get your exam results that same day, you will be notified of the results within two (2) weeks. If you successfully pass the exam, your NMT certificate will be sent to you by the NMT Center within 6 weeks. If you have not received your certificate within that time, please call NMT Center (727-821-7167).

If you receive a "non-pass" score on either portion of the exam, you may retake the exam by re-applying. Additional fees may apply and the amount will depend on what sections(s) you must retake. If you received a "pass" score on one portion of the exam and a "non-pass" score on the other, you may retake the portion that you did not pass as long as you complete that within three months of the original testing date. If you receive a "non-pass" score on both written and practical, you must retake both sections. Certification candidates who receive a "non-pass" score on the 2nd exam attempt must wait three (3) months to retake the exam, unless otherwise approved by NMT Center. Appeals for a "non-pass" score on either portion of the exam must be done so with the examiner who tested you, who may then request support from the home office. The deadline for appeals and challenges is 30 days from the notification of your examination results. The examiner will notify NMT Center of changes in scores as a result of appeals or retesting. In the case of a non-pass, the director of NMT Center is available to you by phone on Tuesdays and Thursdays to discuss strategies to help you prepare for a retake of the exam.

Additional Questions:

Questions regarding the exam or exam procedures can be presented to any seminar instructor at any of the NMT seminars. Please ask questions before or after class rather than during lecture time. Please do not call the examiners in advance of the exam requesting specific questions that appear on the test. The only questions that may be directed to the examiners regards location, time, mailing of fees, etc., since they cannot respond to questions about specific exam content. In some locations examiners may offer a review preceding the group exam, a general review following a seminar, or may offer private tutoring when requested (fees will apply for each of these). Ask your examiner for information regarding reviews or tutoring.