Got Back? NMT Essentials for the Back



March 11-12, 2017


Fundamental influences, such as musculoskeletal stress, posture, emotions, and breathing patterns, constantly mix and merge together with habits of use and trauma to create each person's picture of health. In trying to make sense of complaints, it is clinically valuable to aim to achieve the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

This 12 CE contact hour (2 day) course will discuss influencing factors that can be addressed systematically to evaluate for and attempt to reduce underlying causes of pain and myofascial dysfunction. A foundational platform will be incorporated with clear and thorough discussions of the anatomy of the muscles and joints of the back. Discussion will also include conditions such as scoliosis, lower back and pelvic pain, acute and chronic injury and trauma, spinal dysfunction and degenerative pathologies for which the practitioner should remain mindful. Protocols for NMT application to the muscles of the upper and lower back as well as the pelvic and gluteal regions, will be given in a step-by-step format. Those already trained in NMT protocols can practice alternative client positioning.


Don Kelley


Mr. Kelley’s enthusiasm as an educator of adults is readily apparent in his unique presentation style. His dedication to comprehensive education, enhanced by assisting the Human Gross Anatomy (dissection) seminars at the USF Medical College annually since 1995, is well displayed in every class that he teaches. He has been a featured speaker at FCA, FSMTA and AMTA events, as well as in Ireland, Sweden and Japan. Don draws on his clinical experience, advanced background in anatomy, and in-depth understanding of muscular health to give an information-packed – and humorous - presentation.



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