When Good Shoulders Go Bad


August 12-13, 2017


The shoulder is an immensely complicated structure and it is easy to become confused by its complexity and the wide range of assessment protocols and treatments that can be used. When a joint presents with a high degree of mobility, instability is an associated factor. The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body and an array of complications can result from poor habits of use and from trauma.

Can you name the seven joints associated with functional shoulder movement? This 12 CE course will explore the complex makeup of the shoulder joint and a variety of associated dysfunctions, syndromes, surgeries and rehabilitation. We will also look at how some habitual sport movements alter the shoulder forever.


Judith DeLany


Noted author and international lecturer Judith DeLany, LMT, a Tampa Bay based member of FSMTA, has co-authored three medical textbooks as well as numerous articles on the subject of neuromuscular therapy (NMT). You will benefit in this lecture from the insights obtained in her many years of clinical experience as well as her previous work with the athletic trainers of the Tampa Bay Rays. Join us for a unique look at “when good shoulders go bad”.



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St Petersburg, FL


Bayfront Medical Center 701 6th Ave South St. Petersburg, FL 33705


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