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Hand and Forearm Pain

NMT techniques for treating the forearm and hand.

How to Understand Anything in a Few Minutes a Day

Ten steps to significantly increase your knowledge about any subject.

Massage Helps Relieve Muscular Pain

Long leg, short leg, rotation, tilt, tortion, loss of range of motion, hypermyotonia....

Masseter article

Discussion on TM joint dysfunction


The significance of back pain and the mighty, multi-tasking multifidus

Muscles list for seminars.pdf

Muscles list for course participants to prepare for class

NMT Foundation Platform.pdf

Foundations and theories of application of NMT

Protecting Child Passengers

Protect children in autos to prevent or reduce injury by using the child restraint systems.

Samples of NMT Course Manuals

One page each from NMT course manuals used in NMT for Torso/Pelvis and NMT for Cervical/Cranium


Sternalis - The most mysterious muscle

Subscapularis:The Hidden Culprit

The shoulder is a vastly complex structure. Each of these joints is . . .

TMJ Syndrome & Massage Therapy

Researchers have strived for many years to understand the function of the temporomandibular joint.

To Breathe or Not to Breathe

Respiratory function: Healthy breathing

Whiplash Syndrome

Acceleration-deceleration injuries: whiplash syndrome